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Breaking down today's big announcement...

Hey everyone!

Today was a big day.

We announced that Four PM has officially been acquired by WorkWeek.

In today’s edition of Four PM I want to answer three key questions:

  • → Why I sold Four PM.

  • → What this means for you.

  • → What the future has in store.

Why sell?

In one word, impact.

I built Four PM with one goal in mind — to help educate as many people as possible on the cannabis industry.

I chose not to raise any venture capital, which made it difficult to create all of the content I know we can.

Moving forward, I will have access to an army of many of the most talented minds in media — all working towards the same goal.

What this means for you?

It’s all good news.

We will be expanding our team to create more high-quality cannabis content, releasing a new & improved podcast with so much more to come.

It’s been a blast building Four PM on my own, however, I can say with certainty that you’re going to love what’s coming down the road.

What the future holds?

Four PM is becoming The Green Paper.

A change of names has been in the works for many months and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to make this update.

The good news is that Four PM will remain my primary point of focus for the foreseeable future, and I will remain the lead editor of the publication.

Tomorrow’s newsletter…

While today may be worthy of celebration, when tomorrow comes around it will be right back to work.

I will share today’s newsletter tomorrow & Friday’s newsletter on Saturday before going back to publishing on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Moving forward you will be able to find all of my work at WorkWeek.

The Green Paper

Closing comment…

Whether you are new to Four PM, or have been with us since day one, I cannot thank you enough for all the support I have received along the way.

— Talk soon, Matthew O’Brien