Building A Cannabis Retail Chain In The Midst Of A Global Pandemic

"Having a law degree has been a huge advantage when it comes to understanding the laws and the complex regulatory framework."

Starting a new business is a difficult undertaking at the best of times, opening up a chain of cannabis retail stores across multiple Canadian provinces during a global pandemic is a challenge that few entrepreneurs would know how to navigate.

For today’s publication of 4PM I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Farrell who is the Chief Compliance Officer at Erbn Green, a Canadian new retail brand designed to help Canadians discover a modern way to live with cannabis.

Farrell Miller is the former Director of Legal Affairs for Dicentra and is currently the Chief Compliance Officer for Erbn Green Cannabis Co.

What motivated you to open your own cannabis retail store?

Fare: I’ve always wanted to, however, I didn’t have access to retail space or the capital necessary to get anything going. I was fortunate to have joined former clients of mine, who had a savvy business background and a strong real estate portfolio, who wanted to get into the world of cannabis retail.

How much of an asset has your background in law been in navigating the regulatory burden of opening a retail store?

Having a law degree has been a huge advantage when it comes to understanding the laws and the complex regulatory framework. It’s also been an asset to have a consulting background, where I had familiarity with the entire federal framework on medical and recreational cannabis.

It was advantageous to have a complete understanding of what the limitations are for prospective retailers, and how you can be creative within the regulations.

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Since opening your doors on October 26th, what’s surprised you the most?

I have been surprised by the lack of public knowledge that recreational cannabis stores carry CBD. As more neighbors discover that we carry CBD, topicals, and other wellness products they are becoming much more comfortable walking in the door. We also have hash! Not enough people know that legal hash is available now.

If you could change one policy currently in place, what would it be and why?

The ability for Ontario retailers to deliver directly to consumers. We take time to curate selections fit for our audiences and we often have items that are not available on the OCS website.

It just makes sense now that people are staying home more, and going shopping less.

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