A Best Kept Secret Of The Modern Cannabis Industry

How a majority of people around the world continue to underestimate the future of the cannabis industry

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When it comes to cannabis I live in two very different worlds

In one world I have co-founded a cannabis software company which I hope will have a pretty significant impact on the industry over the next decade, and in the other I live with a group of individuals who on an island of 6.5 million people are largely misinformed about all things cannabis.

I personally have come to appreciate the perks of both

In one world I get to talk with some of the most interesting people working within the cannabis industry who’s contributions I personally think will have a significant impact on defining the future of the cannabis industry, and in the other I get to understand how the majority of the outside world is currently looking at cannabis.

The difference between the two is quite remarkable.

Out of everything, what stands out the most is the complete misunderstanding of just how much talent there currently is working within the cannabis industry vs how the majority of the people around the world view the cannabis industry today.

For the far majority of the people I know in Ireland, consuming cannabis remains heavily stigmatized, and although Canada as a whole is taking a more modern approach - many other nations around the world are not.

Even if a majority of people on the island of Ireland know that cannabis is now legal in Canada, it doesn’t change the fact that cannabis remains illegal in Ireland unless you have one of five medical conditions.

Even in Canada where cannabis is now legal, it remains stigmatized and I suspect it will remain so for a number of years to come. As much as I would like to see these changes happen overnight, they won’t.

In spite of this disconnect, and some early mistakes the cannabis industry continues to grow at a rapid rate in large part thanks to the talent the cannabis industry has been able to attract who continue to raise the bar for the entire industry.

These are the individuals who are actively building the very impressive technologies that are improving how cannabis is both produced and purchased and providing the best customer experiences across any retail sector.

With this, new and improved form factors and formulations of cannabis will continue to be created, and the percentage of the population that consumes cannabis around the world will only continue to increase in the coming years.

- Matthew O’Brien

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