Developing A Skillset To Succeed In Cannabis

"Being willing and ready for change, an emerging industry like Cannabis requires you to be very agile."


As the cannabis industry continues to grow at such a rapid rate there is a constant need for talented people to join the industry such that the industry can sustain its current growth curve 👇🏽

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For today’s publication of 4PM I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Jon who has had one of the most interesting careers both inside and outside of the time he’s spent helping to build the legal cannabis industry.

Prior to joining the cannabis industry back in April 2014, Jon spent time building businesses in South America ranging from building one of the best hostels in South America, to one of the most popular nightclubs in the Caribbean and much more.

Jon Schwartz is the former Co-Founder and Head of Sales and Marketing for CALIGOLD Cannabis and is currently working for cannabis company Boveda.

What's been the most important experience you've had outside of your time in the cannabis industry that's helped you succeed within it?

My time spent developing and managing hospitality projects in Colombia.  Everything about the entire experience required an enormous amount of vision and I was forced to take risks that I was not comfortable with beforehand.  

I have always been an "outside the box" thinker with a desire to do something different and meaningful. Until I actually made the move to South America and built my own businesses I was only dreaming.

Being in a foreign land forced me to learn to speak a new language and do business in a culture that was not my own. It was a great learning experience. As a native New Yorker, I learned to slow down and realized that my way was not always the right way.

As a business leader with over thirty employees, I learned how important my decisions were, and how my actions affected the whole team. When thirty families depend on the success of your business to eat, you pay attention.  

Cannabis is not an easy business. Getting into the industry as an outsider was very similar.  

What advice would you offer to someone interested in starting a career in the cannabis industry?

Being willing and ready for change. An emerging industry like Cannabis requires you to be very agile. Don’t be scared of change, just be ready and embrace it.

It’s moving so fast!

Cannabis Content For Cannabis Professionals

As a cannabis educator, what's been the biggest misconception that you find people have about cannabis? 

All Cannabis users are not stoners. In my opinion, all cannabis is used for some sort of healing, wellness, or coping and most people who use it are not abusing it.

Even if someone is a heavy consumer, it’s most likely helping to treat something.

I do believe that cannabis can be addictive and you should bring intention and respect to using it, but that is a longer subject.  

What's been the most important lesson that you've learned since joining the cannabis industry? 

Anything is possible but nothing is for sure! There are less guarantees in this industry than anything I have ever done.  Just keep working towards your goals and good things will come.  

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