Drake Ditches Canopy Growth

Many celebrities are joining the cannabis industry, however, how many are actually succeeding?


Cannabis is going mainstream — in certain parts of the world cannabis has already become mainstream with celebrities now openly endorsing cannabis.

Many celebrities are even creating their own cannabis brands.

Drake is one such individual who decided to create his own cannabis brand via a partnership with Canadian producer Canopy Growth.

What went wrong? ❌

Under the terms of the deal Drake struck, Canopy would own 40% of the company in return for producing, packaging, and selling the cannabis under the More Life brand.

Despite the potential that clearly existed with Drake having amassed some 120 million followers on social media, Canopy has announced they will no longer be working with Drake.

It remains unclear why this deal did not go according to plan, or perhaps this news exposes the fact that no such plan ever existed when this deal was struck under the direction of former Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton?

Instead, I find it very plausible that this deal was simply used to further “hype” Canopy Growths’ prospects of succeeding in the global cannabis market.

This is not the first time such a celebrity brand in cannabis has ended badly, with Supreme Cannabis — a company recently acquired by Canopy Growth having terminated their relationship with Wiz Khalifa earlier this year.

Another impairment fee for Canopy 🔥💸

Canopy will incur a C$10.3 million impairment charge on this — yet another poor investment, and it remains unclear if Drake is still pursuing More Life or whether he will be de-prioritizing the creation of his own cannabis brand.

As I look at the brands that are currently succeeding in North Ameria it’s becoming clearer each day that consistently creating high-quality cannabis is a much more effective strategy than receiving celebrity endorsements.


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