Leading A Cannabis Publisher

"I'm excited to work in the digital content space with fewer restrictions so we can reach anyone and everyone who needs credible information about cannabis."

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Family members often ask me about my favorite aspect of working in the cannabis industry.

Besides the opportunity to work on projects that I’m extremely passionate about, it’s knowing that there’s such an abundance of opportunity in cannabis that my success and your success don’t have to come at the cost of anyone else's.

This is why you'll frequently find me promoting other cannabis newsletters and publishers, as I truly believe that what we can accomplish together as an industry is much greater than what any one of us could ever accomplish alone.

For today’s edition of Four PM, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Elana Goldberg, the CEO of The Cannigma, one of my favorite cannabis publications.

Elana Goldberg is the former Content Team Leader for Natural Intelligence and is currently the CEO of the highly popular cannabis publication The Cannigma.

What motivated you to join the cannabis industry? 

The opportunity arose and I jumped.

While cannabis has been a part of my life on and off since high school in Australia, where I grew up, I never entertained the idea that it could be part of my career until I was approached in mid-2019 to help build The Cannigma.

Prior to that, I'd spent about 15 years working in online journalism and digital content creation, helping to grow massive sites such as JPost.com, Goodnet.org, and Top10.com.

Almost two years later and I still wake up every day thanking my lucky stars for the chance to bring my passion for quality content together with something as meaningful, interesting, and important as cannabis. It's every editor's dream, really. 

As a leader in cannabis education, what are some of the biggest misconceptions you find people have when it comes to cannabis?

Wow, where to start? The Sativa vs. Indica misunderstanding is a big one.

Though we were happy to see in a recent online poll in our Facebook group that over 50% of respondents use the cannabinoid and terpene profiles to inform their purchase decisions rather than Indica/Sativa—so there's definitely progress.

Misconceptions are also rife in the CBD space, from ludicrous medical claims on the one hand to complete dismissal of the therapeutic potential of CBD on the other hand. 

Another big one we've seen coming up that shines a light on the need for education is misconceptions about scientific research as a whole. That is to say, many people seem to think that if the findings of a study don't apply to them then the research isn't valid at all. To combat this we often find ourselves taking a few steps back from cannabis to explain clinical trials, study design, how to interpret results, and the importance of ongoing research. 

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Israel has become a leader in the global cannabis industry. How impactful could the legalization of recreational cannabis be in this region?

Hopefully, we'll be able to better answer this question in the next year, but realistically it's likely to be a good few years until we really see the impact.

I'm particularly interested in following how the local population reacts to the innovation and technology that's currently being developed in Israel and marketed abroad. 

What has you most excited about the cannabis industry for the next decade?

Number one is legalization—here in Israel as we said, and also across the world. Federal measures like descheduling in the U.S. will make a huge impact on the development of the industry.

In particular, I'm excited to work in the digital content space with fewer restrictions, so we can reach anyone and everyone who needs credible information about cannabis. And of course, safe, legal access to the plant itself. 


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