Succeeding In Cannabis As A Director Of Sales

"Companies who stand for revenue alone are going to, rightfully, be left in the dust."  

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One of the primary reasons I’m incredibly bullish on the long-term future of the cannabis industry is the abundance of talented people the industry continues to attract. 

While certain media outlets like to highlight the departure of high-profile industry executives, I can assure you that there is substantially more talent entering the cannabis industry than there is leaving it. 

From founders who have built billion-dollar companies in other industries to former Directors of Google, the cannabis industry continues to draw in the best and brightest. 

For today's edition of Four PM I sat down with Jessica Lozynsky. Jessica is no stranger to succeeding in other industries, having previously worked as the Director of Commercial Sales for Canadian tech giant Hootsuite and much more.

Jessica Lozynsky is the former Director of Sales in Canada for Leafly and is currently the Director of National Sales for The Flowr Corporation.

What motivated you to join the cannabis industry?

Passion for the plant and its contributions aside, it’s not often that you get to stand at the foreground of a brand new industry and carve your own path.

As I started to sift through the active players, I recognized a significant opportunity for strength in female-identifying representation and leadership. 

Throughout my career, as is true now more than ever, my drive to build winning teams with an authentic culture who work with a shared sense of purpose continues to be a significant motivator.

What’s been the highlight of your career in the cannabis industry to date?

Transitioning away from a long life in media/ad sales into the CPG environment has been the most rewarding. Every day I learn something new, good or bad. 

The highlight, to date, has been assembling the robust line-up of all-stars, my team that represents Flowr to the front-line. 

There are no two people at our table who come from the same background, and through their varied experience, we approach the traditional territory model with a fresh perspective and enthusiasm for education. They’re cannabis people who want to work with cannabis people, for the love of the plant.

(📸 / The Flowr Corporation)

What was the most important lesson that you took away from your time with Leafly?

I learned a lot through my time at Leafly. The opportunity to build the retail business in Canada autonomously, from scratch, was a hard and fast lesson on the importance of agility against an uncompromising regulatory landscape. 

Through my time I forged and maintained incredible relationships with key, trailblazing stakeholders across Canada. It made it easy to get to the grind each day being able to markedly measure helping these partners achieve their goals.

As you look to the future of the cannabis industry, what has you most excited to be part of this new industry?

First, there continues to be a glaring disparity in equity, and we’re past due on closing this gap. Together as architects of industry, we have the opportunity to drive cannabis equity and policy reform. 

Cannabis consumers are conscious, more than ever, of their motivators for purchase – and it’s time for producers and retailers to show up, speak out and act. Consumers speak through their purchasing behaviors and companies who stand for revenue alone are going to, rightfully, be left in the dust.  

Second, micro-cultivators and craft collectives. We continue to see new, brilliant entrants pushing the limits on cultivation with radical transparency in their practices. I think we’re on the brink of a Cannabis renaissance, and these players are going to force larger companies to take a long, hard look at their value propositions and whether or not they truly have a right to win. It’s exciting. 

Success doesn’t have to mean cannibalizing opportunities for others, but coming together to celebrate growth and inclusion is a really exciting path forward.

📸 / The Flowr Corporation)


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